How does this banquet look?

The beauty of this wedding farmhouse is found in its hypnotic and well planned features,
which create a beautiful environment for any occasion. Let's look at the different aspects of its charm.

Grand Entrance

Start your journey with a grand entrance surrounded by palm trees, creating a tropical feel.

Walk through the palm trees to build excitement for what's ahead.

Three-Floor Hall

The banquet hall has three floors, giving it a grand feel and plenty of space for guests

Each floor might have different things to do, making it versatile and exciting.

Dining Hall for Main Course

Find another hall just for the main meal, designed for comfort and elegance.

It's the perfect place to enjoy the delicious food of the event.

Cocktail/Snacks Counter

After leaving the dining hall, guests can enjoy snacks and drinks from various counters.

These counters are in the middle of the banquet hall, where guests gather and have fun.

Outdoor Stage

Our large lawn, shaded by beautiful trees, features a stage area perfect for different events.

You can pick either indoor or outdoor stage spots to suit your needs.

Open-air Lawn

Beyond the banquet hall, a lush park or lawn surrounded by beautiful trees provides a serene retreat for guests.

This outdoor space allows for a relaxed atmosphere where attendees can enjoy snacks, conversations, and the beauty of nature while seated under the open sky.

Spacious Parking

We have a spacious parking area where staff members manage the guest’s vehicles without any issue.

You don’t have to walk long from parking to the banquet because the parking is situated right before the entrance.

Celebration Garden

The beauty of this wedding hall lies not only in its physical features but also in the thoughtful arrangement of spaces, creating a seamless and delightful experience for everyone involved. The combination of natural elements, well-designed structures, and versatile spaces makes it a perfect canvas for unforgettable celebrations. It offers a harmonious blend of indoor and outdoor settings, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the joyous occasion while surrounded by the beauty of nature and thoughtful modern design.